‘To the rescue, a savage’ Robbie Savage intervenes to break up a brawl in a non-league match.


‘To the rescue, a savage’ Robbie Savage intervenes to break up a brawl in a non-league match.

Robbie Savage, an ex-footballer, was observed intervening to break up a brawl at a non-league match dubbed “El Cheshico.”

According to The Sun, the former Leicester and Blackburn Rovers player intervened to stop a brawl amongst fans at the Macclesfield versus Congelton match. Robbie Savage, 46, was spotted racing towards the pandemonium during the Bank Holiday match at Macclesfield’s Leasing.com Stadium.

“Savage to the rescue,” said the caption on the video shared on social media.

Fans applauded the former Premier League midfielder’s intervention.

“Big up Robbie Savage for stepping into the fighting mob and calming it down! Absolute legend!” one person said.

The ex-Welsh international, who currently works as a pundit for the BBC and BT Sport, is also a Silkmen co-owner.

“Robbie, as part owner of the Football Club, was keen to break up the small group of fans who were being hostile to ensure the game completed without any violence,” a representative for Savage stated.

“He hopes everyone arrived safely home.”

“It was a tremendous event for Macclesfield Football Club today with over 3500 people returning in the stadium,” the statement continued.

The match between the two Cheshire clubs ended in a 1-0 victory for Mr Savage’s team.

Robbie Savage is an amazing legend for stepping into the violent crowd and calming them down. pic.twitter.com/54jUtAkJWh

However, tensions between fans on the terraces had been building for some time before to kick-off.

“At initially, people were just throwing cans, and there were smoke bombs approximately 20 minutes before kickoff,” a spectator claimed.

“They just kind of rushed each other after that.”

One long-time “Macc” enthusiast claimed they had never seen anything like it before.

At El Cheshico, there are no absolute scenes. Kickoff is in full swing. The game has come to an end. Robbie Savage enters the fray, appealing to the crowd. Brilliant. pic.twitter.com/Cmr525QSNJ

They stated, “I’ve been watching Macc since 1987 and I’ve never seen such deplorable scenes.”

“Whose choice was it NOT to segregate today?” they asked, challenging the security setup on the ground.

“Was there a police presence?

“The club was incredibly naïve not to anticipate that there would be some ignorant fools out to cause havoc today.”


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