To “surprise” Japan, North Korea is capable of arming a “strategic” missile with a nuclear payload.


To “surprise” Japan, North Korea is capable of arming a “strategic” missile with a nuclear payload.

NORTH KOREA is considering equipping its new cruise missiles with nuclear warheads, which would startle US allies.

South Asia Times correspondent Andrew Salmon has cautioned that North Korea has announced the capability to “confound” South Korean and Japanese air defenses with a new cruise missile. He emphasized how Kim Jong-regime un’s may decide to put small nuclear warheads on the new weapons systems, posing a “extreme new issue” for military commanders in Tokyo and Seoul.

“The key is that this was not a ballistic missile, which is the type of long-range missile that travels up and down in a parabella,” Mr Salmon told France 24.

“And that type of missile is prohibited by the United Nations; North Korea is not permitted to possess or test such missiles.

“This was a cruise missile, which is a short-range missile that follows a flat trajectory and is typically used against tactical targets; North Korea is not prohibited from possessing or testing this type of missile.

“However, North Korea’s state media made it apparent that this is a new strategic weapon, raising the possibility that a tiny nuclear warhead may be mounted on this type of small tactical missile.”

“And, if that’s the case, it’ll offer an unusual new dilemma for both Japan and South Korea’s air defense planners.

“These missile tests, which were fired in North Korea on Saturday and Sunday, were not picked up by either American or South Korean detection gear, according to an unidentified media source in Seoul today.”

“I’m ready 24/7, 365,” the chief of US Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) declared in reaction to North Korean missile technology advancements (days).

“I am confident in our capabilities if North Korea decides to launch a ballistic missile.

“Threat warning and attack assessment are what NORAD does.

“Ballistic missile defense capability for NORTHCOM.”

“We remain ready to respond should North Korea choose to launch a missile,” he continued.

Top scientists and regime leaders from the Workers’ Party of Korea are thought to have seen the launch.

“The launched long-range cruise missiles flew 7,580 seconds following elliptical and figure-eight flight trajectories set over our country’s territory and territorial waters, and hit the target.”


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