To get the unions to agree to the tube strikes, Sadiq Khan has been told to “return to the negotiating table.”


In order to get the unions to comply with the tube strikes, Sadiq Khan has been told to “return to the negotiating table.”

SADIQ KHAN has been told to “return to the negotiating table” after the Mayor of London has been chastised for his handling of the Night Tube dispute.

Rail has demanded that London Mayor Sadiq Khan resume negotiations with transport unions over the reinstatement of the Night Tube, according to London minister Paul Scully.

In an escalating dispute over the new service, the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) has called a tube staff walkout. Mr Scully told LBC that the Mayor of London should not reverse his decision to reinstate the night tube.

“It’s completely unreasonable,” he said.

I believe we need to return to the table, but I believe the man needs to return to the table with those unions and TfL to work out a solution.

“Because, no, he shouldn’t change his mind about watching the night tube.

“As we begin to open up again, the night tube is a boon for London, but it’s also critical to give people confidence…in the safety and security of moving around London late at night, especially workers.”

“Not just people who are enjoying hospitality in the other areas we’ve just discussed, but workers who are working late as night workers…gives them security and safety to move around town.”

“He’s good at politics, but he’s not good at leadership,” he said of Mr Khan’s leadership as mayor.

“What we need as a strong leader in London right now is to deal with these industrial relations and ensure that Londoners can get around.”

In a dispute over rosters, RMT members on the Central and Victoria lines will strike on Friday and Saturday evenings starting this weekend.

Passengers are urged to check before they travel and use buses to complete journeys until June, when the action is expected to continue on weekend evenings.

There will be no job cuts, part-time workers will have the option of permanent work, and only four night shift weekends will be scheduled per year, according to London Underground.

“We’re disappointed that the RMT is continuing to push for strike action that will likely cause more unnecessary disruption,” said LU managing director Andy Lord.

“We’re inviting the RMT to meet with us for talks so that we can work together to resolve the dispute over roster changes,” says the union.

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