To earn a VIP Disneyland trip, a ruthless mother pretended to have cancer.


To earn a VIP Disneyland trip, a ruthless mother pretended to have cancer.

A mother deceived her husband and coworkers into believing she was dying of cancer in order to receive a VIP trip to Disneyland. Stephanie Hunter, 32, shaved her head and revealed that she had brain cancer that had progressed from her lung cancer. She even went to a funeral director with her husband Jamie Wilkinson to plan her funeral, Hull Crown Court heard.

Workmates felt so terrible for her that they organized fundraising drives to bring her and her three children, ages 13, nine, and eight, on “one last family trip.” Hunter, from Hull, was sentenced to 15 months in prison after admitting to fraud and perverting the course of justice.

Hunter was working as a telesales agent in 2016 when she fabricated a 21-day sick letter claiming her superiors she had cancer and needed surgery, according to prosecutor David Godfrey.

Later, she stated that the medication had failed and that she required harsh chemotherapy.

Hunter’s statutory ill pay was halted and social services were involved only after her employer failed to acquire medical proof of her ailment.

“As a result of his wife’s lies, her husband departed the family home,” prosecutor David Godfrey said. What transpired has caused him a great deal of shame and embarrassment.”

Judge John Thackray QC told Hunter her actions were “really terrible,” according to John Dunning, who was representing her.


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