To begin a new “famous” endeavor, Prince William takes a page from Prince Harry’s book.


To begin a new “famous” endeavor, Prince William takes a page from Prince Harry’s book.

According to royal observers, Prince William is following in Prince Harry’s footsteps as he begins his new “celebrity endeavor.”

Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle have been hounded by rumors that they are trying to secure “celebrity status” after leaving the British monarchy through various partnerships. According to royal observers, Prince William’s latest enterprise, the Earthshot Prize, may be accused of mimicking the ex-royals. The Earthshot Prize is a competition that honors people who come up with novel solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

The five Earthshot Prize winners will be presented on Sunday by a panel of presenters that includes The Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, David Oyelowo, and Mo Salah.

Each winner will get £1 million in prize money to assist and scale innovative technologies that have the potential to save the environment.

Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi addressed William’s impending event on the Royally US podcast.

Ms. Mulshine explained: “It’s pretty cool, and I believe there will be some murmuring that it’s very celeby, and people will say it’s very Harry and Meghan of them.

“‘ ‘ “I believe that having all of these extremely loud voices discussing such an important issue is beneficial.

“One thing to consider is that they may not want to fly on private jets.”

Ms. Garibaldi went on to say: “I agree that celebrity power can help you push things to the next level.

“He wants people to be actively involved in climate management and environmental protection, and this is how they can do it.””

I believe it’s fantastic that he’s finally going to announce the winner of his Earthshot Prize; we’ve been talking about these 15 finalists for a long time.

“There will be a winner, some awards to see, and some great music to listen to.”

Sir David Attenborough, who will speak about the relevance of The Earthshot Prize and his optimism in “our potential to rise to the greatest environmental issues of our time,” will also be present at the ceremony.

The prizes come in the same week that Prince Charles, the heir-apparent to the throne, has been outspoken about his concerns about the environment.

The Prince of Wales urged world leaders to do more than “speak” at the COP26 meeting later this month in an interview with the BBC.

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