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TikTok user slammed for pretending to beat girlfriend in video

A TikTok user has been slammed after making light of domestic abuse in a video in which he appears to joke about hitting his girlfriend with a belt. 

Jamie Mawson, from Durham, who has 54,400 followers on the social media platform, was criticised after posting a video in which he acts out ‘coming home to the mrs’ after a night of drinking. 

In one disturbing moment, Mr Mawson takes off his belt and pretends to hit the non-existent woman in the scene, with an off-camera scream the only indication of the intended target.  

Outraged users slammed the video for trying to ‘joke’ about domestic violence at a time when it is on the rise.  

It is far from the only controversial video on Mr Mawson’s account. Another clip shows him acting what it is like to come home after a drug fuelled night. 

The domestic violence video, which has been watched 77,000 times, starts with a shot of Mr Mawson acting inebriated ‘after a night down the pub with the boys’. 

He walks into the room and calls his girlfriend, also played by him, a ‘sp****c’ before saying it had been a ‘f******g mint night’. 

Text then appears above Mr Mawson’s head which reads: ‘Realising I’ve been drinking Stella all night’, before he whips off his belt and moves to ‘beat’ the non-existent character. 

Mr Mawson impersonating a female scream is heard in the background.

The implication shocked viewers, with one writing: ‘Domestic abuse isn’t funny’.     

Another commented: ‘Domestic violence against UK women shot up to unprecedented levels during lockdown, a woman a day being killed by their partner and you make this? Horrid.’ 

A third commented: ‘Imagine making jokes about domestic abuse.’

However, despite comments condemning his video, the post racked up an astonishing 63K likes, and many ignored the content of the clip to comment on Mawson’s deep voice.  

‘Your voice is so unreal’, wrote one, white another gushed: ‘Your voice is actually so hot’.        

Another video sees Mawson, who brags about having been banned in his information bio, joking about rape. 

The video shows him pretending to text his uncle, with the conversation beginning ‘Hey gorgeous, you fancy helping me r4pe the leaves’.

Nah ye alright jimmy lad##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##xyzbca ##darkhumour ##uncle

The faux conversation goes on: ‘Do you mean rake?’, before ending with ‘Oh sorry, I meant kids’.   

According to the platform’s website, they remove content including video, audio, image, and text that violates their Community Guidelines, and suspend or ban accounts involved in severe or repeated violations. 

The app’s guidelines say it will monitor posts involving; the safety of minors, adult nudity and sexual activities, harassment and bullying, hate speech, suicide, self-harm, and dangerous acts, violent and graphic content, illegal activities and regulated goods, and dangerous individuals and organisations.

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