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TikTok mernasfoodfomo shares her spectacular kitchen pantry

A super organised woman has offered a glimpse inside her perfectly arranged pantry – complete with storage containers, personalised food labels and colour coordinated teabags and coffee pods.

Merna, from Sydney, shared a TikTok video showing a tour of her enviable kitchen cupboard, with shelves filled with perfectly aligned staples.

As she opened up the pantry door, she was greeted with rows upon rows of airtight seal canisters, with each ingredient displayed with its own label.

She pulled out her drawer to find 30 tiny labelled spices neatly tucked away. 

Merna dedicated a second drawer to her DIY hot beverages where she perfectly arranged colour coordinated teabags and coffee pods on the removable trays.

The video was viewed more than 184,000 times with many asking her where she purchased all her storage containers, jars and trays from.

She decided to create a follow up video sharing exactly where she got them from.

She purchased the different sized canisters with lids from Woolworths, which includes 1.3L for $12, 920mL for $10, 700mL for $8 and 460mL for $6.

‘These guys are from Woolies, and they’re the brand Sistema,’ she explained.

Merna got the spice jars from IKEA, which cost $4.99 for a pack of four, while the trays she used to store her teabags and coffee pods are from Kmart for $7.50.

‘The IKEA jars are glass with a sturdy plastic lid and incredible quality! Very air tight,’ she explained.

She used the $25.97 DYMO organise Xpress embosser to create her own labels for all the canisters and spice jars.

Many were fascinated with her well-organised pantry, with one saying: ‘That’s amazing. I wish my kitchen looked like that haha. Good.’

‘Why does this make me happy?’ one woman said, while another added: ‘This is so satisfying.’

Some asked Merna whether the teabags loses its flavours because she has them stored outside of its pack, to which she replied: ‘Nope! Same exact taste and flavour as when I had them sitting in their cardboard boxes.’

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