Thunderstorms strike the United Kingdom, causing havoc with torrential rain.


Thunderstorms strike the United Kingdom, causing havoc with torrential rain.

THUNDERSTORMS and severe rain have wreaked havoc in the UK as fall approaches.

Lightning storms occur every 41 to 50 minutes in London and Surrey. The current lightning tracker from indicates storms every 51 to 60 minutes in Winchester, Canterbury, and Portsmouth.

According to the most recent WX Charts, roughly 41mm of rain is anticipated to fall in Wales overnight, with some of it reaching Manchester and Newcastle.

Through Wednesday, the rainy weather is anticipated to worsen, with 46mm of rain expected in these areas.

Forecasts turn blue by Thursday, with 65mm of rain expected in Scotland, Wales, and Manchester.

Storms are expected to hit 32 percent of the country on Friday, according to the latest forecasts, as wet weather continues to hammer the country.

Those hoping for a respite from the dreary weather will be let down.

The north of Wales and Manchester, as well as London and the south east, will receive roughly 88mm of rain this weekend.

A whopping 127mm of rain is expected to fall across the country by Sunday, with charts turning red as the rain falls.

According to the weather forecast, the weather will continue to get wetter, with at least 206mm of rain expected by October 14.

Despite the rain, temperatures are forecast to be typical for this time of year, reaching a high of 19 degrees Celsius on October 1.

However, temperatures in the far north of Scotland could drop by “five to 10 degrees” compared to the weekend.

While there are no current Met Office lightning warnings, BBC Weather reports that severe rain could cause flooded roads.

Carol Kirkwood, speaking on BBC Breakfast today, said that the majority of the UK will experience heavy rain today, with downpours in the southeast of England later in the day.

“Today is going to be fairly blustery once again,” she said on the show.

“However, by the time we get to the afternoon, the winds will have eased a little in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but rain is expected.”

“What’s occurring now [on Tuesday]morning is that some of us are getting a bright start with some sunshine.”

“We have rains across the south of England, as well as in western Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

“Then more continuous and heavy rain will move eastward and northward across Wales and southwest England,” according to the Brinkwire Summary News.


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