Thunderstorms are expected to hit the UK, according to the Met Office.


Thunderstorms are expected to hit the UK, according to the Met Office.

THUNDERSTORMS are expected to hit regions of the United Kingdom. According to Met Office yellow thunderstorm warnings encompassing portions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, London and southern England, heavy showers and thunderstorms may bring floods and disruption in a few spots.

“Not everyone within those warning regions will get those strong thundery downpours,” said Met Office spokesperson Oli Claydon, who characterized the thunderstorms as “very varied.”

The rain might be fairly powerful and heavy where the thunderstorms do fall.”

Thundery downpours might dump 10-20mm of rain in a matter of minutes in some areas, or 20-40mm in two or three hours in others.

During the evening, the showers will stop.

The warning, which covers the east of England, London, and the south east and south west of England, will extend until 9 p.m.

According to the Met Office, parts of Scotland might experience 15-30mm of rain in a short period of time, or 50-70mm over several hours. Some of these downpours, especially across eastern Scotland, could also be thundery.

The warning is in effect until 11 p.m. for Central, Tayside and Fife, Grampian, South West Scotland, Lothian Borders, and Strathclyde.

Northern Ireland, which is under a weather warning that will last until 9 p.m., might also be struck by torrential rain.

“Some places will miss these, but where they do occur, 10-20mm rain may fall in a short period of time, with 30-50 mm falling over many hours in a few places if consecutive showers occur,” the Met Office warned.

“There’s a chance that some of these showers will be thunderous.

“During the evening, the showers will dissipate.”

After a flood warning was issued for the River Uck in East Sussex, residents in Buxted and on Hempstead Lane were urged to try to secure their homes.

The river was classified as “high and rising” by England flood experts, who predicted that it would remain higher than normal until Monday evening.

It follows a weekend of heavy rains, with the biggest damage being in northern England and southern Scotland.

“For a most of the UK (Monday) will be like what we had over the weekend, plenty of showers about, and some of those rains will be heavy,” said meteorologist Craig Snell.

Mr Claydon added that temperatures in the south east are around 22 degrees Celsius, which is about usual for this time of year. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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