Thugs from the Taliban stage a sham burial for the Western alliance.


Thugs from the Taliban stage a sham burial for the Western alliance.

Yesterday, TALIBAN thugs staged sham funerals for the Western alliance, announcing Afghanistan’s “independence day.”

Coffins draped in US, UK, and French flags were carried through the south-eastern city of Khost, while throngs in the Islamists’ southern stronghold of Kandahar waved white Taliban banners. Hours after seizing control of Kabul’s airport, the group’s leaders put on a show of strength. Taliban special operatives patrolled the area near Hamid Karzai International, dressed in captured US military uniforms and with NATO assault rifles. “The last 20 years should serve as a great lesson for other invaders [and]a lesson for the world,” a spokeswoman added.

Fighters posed with seven abandoned CH-46 helicopters that had been utilized in evacuations by US forces. The massive C-130 transport planes were also left behind. Meanwhile, frightened Afghans sold everything they owned yesterday, including refrigerators and rugs, to gather money to evacuate the country – or even to buy food as prices skyrocketed.

As families attempted to withdraw money from banks, long lines formed. As fears of a Taliban crackdown intensified following the West’s withdrawal, some Afghans went into hiding, erasing their phones’ SIM cards and deleting images, videos, and social media accounts to escape being executed.

“We have gained our independence and were able to compel the Americans to depart after 20 years of jihad,” Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid stated.

“Today is a watershed moment in history. We are proud of these moments because we were able to free our country from the grip of a powerful foreign power. A government will be formed soon, all government offices will reopen, banks will reopen, and the economy will begin to move. We don’t want our residents to be concerned. Afghanistan is our shared home, and we will stay here rather than flee.”

A heavily armed Taliban surrounded a TV announcer as he advised viewers “not to be terrified” hours later.

As the final US troops left Kabul on Monday night, Taliban militants fired into the air, before the terrorist group’s leaders celebrated their victory by striding across the airport’s runway and declaring, “The world should have learned its lesson.”

“We want to have good relations with the United States and the rest of the world,” Mr Muhajid remarked. “Be careful in how you deal with your people,” he warned Badri special forces personnel wearing US body armor. This country has been through a lot. ”Brinkwire Summary News,” as it is known.


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