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Throw the ball! Dopey dog tries to play ‘fetch’ with a statue after mistaking it for a human 

This is the moment an adorable dog tried to play Fetch with a statue, patiently waiting for it to throw the ball, after mistaking it for a human.

Chester, a ten-year-old springer spaniel, dropped his tennis ball at the feet of a fisherman statue in Watchet Harbour, Somerset.

He patiently waited for the statue, called Yankee Jack, to throw the ball for him, after mistaking it for a real person, in footage filmed on on July 14.

But Chester does not seem to understand why the seated statue fails to move, repeatedly picking up the ball and placing it at the statue’s feet.

The spaniel shows what a good boy he is by sitting politely in front of the statue, hoping his good manners will persuade the fisherman to play. 

For a full 90 seconds, Chester tries to get the statue to throw the ball, but fails to have any luck with the metal man.

His owner Debby Taylor, 54, from Crewe, Cheshire, was stunned to see Chester falling for the trick – and not for the first time either. 

She said Chester has previously mistaken a wooden statue for a human, adding that he is ‘a lovely dog but so dopey’. 

 The contract support officer said: ‘He is a very sociable dog who will play fetch with anyone.

‘I always have him off the lead and he forces strangers to play with him – I am always having to apologise to them for getting ‘Chestered’.

‘I couldn’t believe he fell for the same trick again when he approached the statue.

‘He previously tried to play fetch with a wooden statue.

‘He is a lovely dog but so dopey!’

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