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Thrifty mum shares easy way she cuts the cost of kids’ birthday parties using £2.50 eBay buy

A THRIFTY mum has shared how she cuts the cost of her kids’ birthday parties using a nifty £2.50 eBay buy. 

Instead of forking out for expensive helium balloons, the savvy woman sticks normal balloons to the ceiling using little stickers. 

She showed a photo of a balloon ceiling display she had made for her child using her purse-friendly hack. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum explained how she achieved the party decorations. 

She wrote: “Save money on helium and buy these balloon sticker dots off eBay 100 for £2.49. 

“They work great and don’t leave marks in the ceiling this is the 3rd time. I’ve done this now on that ceiling with the same pack.”

She shared how the entire display was cheap, as the confetti balloons were from Poundland, the pink balloons from eBay and the gold foil string from the Card Factory.

Many parents were highly impressed at the hack and said they would try it for themselves. 

One wrote: “thank you very much, a great idea.”

Another added: “Wow! They look amazing.”

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