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Three Coldstream Guards quizzed by cops over bar brawl with royal footmen that left two of them in hospital

THREE of the Queen’s guards are being questioned by police after a bar brawl with royal footmen, it’s reported.

The Coldstream Guards squaddies were arrested after the fight outside a pub near Buckingham Palace which left four of the Queen’s footmen injured.

Two required hospital treatment and one suffered a fractured eye socket following last Friday’s flare-up. The Daily Mail reports.

The Queen is said to have heard about the incident and sent her best wishes to all those injured.

A source told the Daily Mail: ‘The footmen were outside the bar at about 11.45pm when a bit of banter developed with a group of Coldstream Guards outside, about four of them.

“The soldiers seemed to have been drinking in the street.

“But it went beyond banter when one of the Guards grabbed hold of one of the female footmen – and a male footman stepped in to stop him.

“All of a sudden it was a full-scale punch-up. And the soldiers were more used to fighting than the footmen are. They got quite badly injured.

“One of them, a 20-year-old man, got a fractured eye-socket and got a lucky escape from being run over by a bus in the melee.

“Another has a fractured jaw and needed stitches in his tongue.

“Two others were hurt but not as badly. The footmen reported the assaults to the police and officers visited them on Wednesday to take statements.

“The Queen’s been told about it and has sent her best wishes to the four injured.”

The Coldstream Guards have a ceremonial role as protectors of  Buckingham Palace and take part in Trooping the Colour.

The Guardsmen were identified after analysis of CCTV, it is reported.

An Army insider told the Mail three Coldstream Guards are helping police with their enquiries.

The source said the men’s commanding officer will decide if they are stripped of their Palace protection duties.

The source said: “There are bust-ups in pubs every Friday and Saturday night and we may not quickly get to the bottom of what happened.

“The police have to investigate, and it is a matter for the unit commanding officer to decide what he’s going to do about these individuals.

“But my understanding is they’re helping the police with their inquiries.”

A security guard who had been working at the pub said: “Both groups had been drinking here earlier in the evening.

The soldiers were more used to fighting than the footmen are. They got quite badly injured

“Two men who had been quietly drinking in the sports bar left just before midnight to get a kebab from a takeaway across the road.

“They were then approached by a group of at least four other people outside the kebab shop before the fight broke out at around midnight.”

A worker at Cappadocia Kebab and Sandwich Bar said the brawl involved “around 15 guys”.

A Met police spokesman said: “Police are investigating an assault on 24 July in Victoria Street, SW1.

“Two men aged 20 and 21 were taken to hospital. Their injuries are not life-threatening or life-changing.

“An investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests at this time.”

A spokesman for the Queen told The Daily Mail: “This is a police matter and not appropriate for us to comment.”

The Coldstream Guards are the oldest regiment in the British Army.

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