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Thousands of shoppers are evacuated from Westfield during rush-hour in Sydney

Thousands of shoppers have been evacuated from a mall after a blaze broke out.


Customers at Westfield in Burwood, in Sydney’s inner-west, were forced to flee the building about 6.35pm on Monday.  

Smoke began to fill the building moments before the alarm was raised, a member of the public told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I was buying snacks at Coles ten minutes before my movie when the alarm started to go off,’ she said.

‘I didn’t think much of it until I walked towards the cinema. It was quite smoky and smelt unpleasant. I lined up for the movie, with the alarm still going, thinking it would go away.’ 

Moments later cinema staff began ushering people out of the building, she said. 

Thousands of customers waited in the street as staff checked the building was safe.  

The building has since reopened.  

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