Thousands of sea critters wash up dead on a UK beach in a mystery described as the “worst case ever.”


Thousands of sea critters wash up dead on a UK beach in a mystery described as the “worst case ever.”

In a rare occurrence that has’shocked and saddened’ people, waist-high piles of dead and alive crabs have washed up in many British coastal locations.

Thousands of sea creatures are still washing up on sandy beaches, in what locals are calling the “worst” event they’ve ever seen.

Crabs, lobsters, and a variety of other crustaceans lie dead and alive on the beach between Marske and Saltburn on Teesside, in piles that are sometimes waist deep.

They’ve also washed up in Seaton Carew and Seaham, further north.

On Monday, the Environment Agency announced that it has initiated an investigation into the strange occurrences, which will look into whether a pollution event is to blame.

Sharon Bell, a Marske resident who visits the beach near her home every day, said the number of creatures has risen in the last two weeks.

She and her husband Christopher were out early on Monday morning capturing the dawn. When the couple arrived at the beach, they were astounded to discover massive quantities of dead and alive crabs and lobsters lying throughout.

They spent the next four hours attempting to restore any remaining living ones to the ocean.

Mrs Bell, 48, was “utterly horrified and saddened” to find waist-deep seaweed full of hundreds of dead and alive crabs and lobsters of all kinds and species along her daily stroll from Marske to Saltburn.

She’s been in the neighborhood for 21 years and claims she’s never seen anything like the scene on Monday morning – even after a really violent high tide or storm.

“My husband and I spent hours returning as many live ones to the sea as we could; something is seriously wrong here.” This has been growing up throughout our coast for a few of weeks, and no one is doing anything about it.” TeessideLive reported just over two weeks ago that dead crustaceans had been found washed up at Seaton Carew, Redcar, and Seaham. An investigation was launched by the Environment Agency, which is still ongoing.

After photographs of the beach scene were posted on Monday morning, residents took to social media to express their concerns.

“This horrible wildlife is being slaughtered.” This is something that should be looked at. “What’s going on near the north coast?” inquired one local.

“Someone has to do something about this. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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