‘Thousands of jobs could have been generated!’ Boris faces Brexit rage as Leavers turn on the PM.


‘Thousands of jobs could have been generated!’ Boris faces Brexit rage as Leavers turn on the PM.

BORIS JOHNSON has been lambasted by an enraged former MEP over the ramifications of his Brexit deal on job chances in UK coastal regions.

June Mummery, a former Brexit Party MEP and businesswoman, responded to the Prime Minister’s latest video on his Plan for Jobs by saying, “You robbed job chances from coastal areas.”

Thousands of employment might have been generated if we had regained control of the waters, she asserted, adding that for every job at sea, there would be eight on land.

“Wind farms don’t produce jobs in the community. “So, where are all these jobs?” says the narrator. Mr Johnson “lied to coastal folk to get his lazy posterior in parliament,” Ms Mummery said in a follow-up tweet. A representative from the Conservative Party was approached for comment.

The government is constructing “a stronger economy where everyone is enabled to fulfill their full potential,” Mr Johnson wrote.

“The pandemic has affected people extremely hard, and it’s been particularly harsh in the jobs sector,” he added in the video.

“The economy is currently reviving at a rapid pace, with hundreds of thousands of new jobs being generated.”

Mr Johnson went on to say that he was eager to bring people back to work, “especially the over-50s.”

According to the Brexit agreement negotiated with the EU at the end of last year, from 2021 to 2026, 25% of the EU’s fishing rights in UK seas will be given to the UK.

However, the majority of this – 15% – will be transferred in 2021, with the remaining 2.5 percent transferred over the next four years.

This “adjustment period” gives EU fishermen enough time to acclimate to the new rules. They have until June 30, 2026, after which annual negotiations will be held to determine how the catch would be shared between the UK and the EU.

UK boats would have access to an extra £145 million in fishing quota per year by 2026, according to estimates.

The new pact has enraged many fisherman, particularly in France.

After French fisherman attempted to barricade Jersey’s harbour in protest over a perceived lack of access to its waters, two Royal Naval river-class patrol boats, HMS Severn and HMS Tamar, were dispatched to the island in May.

According to a parliamentary study released in November of last year, there were roughly 12,000 fisherman in the UK. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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