Thousands of German demonstrators violate a court order, clashing violently with police on lockdown.


Thousands of German demonstrators violate a court order, clashing violently with police on lockdown.

THOUSANDS of anti-lockdown protestors descended on Berlin illegally and clashed with police officers, despite German courts prohibiting their gathering for fear of it becoming a mega viral event.

Protesters and police clashed violently in videos posted online after defying court orders to oppose German lockdown measures. Members of the “Querdenker” movement were spotted pulling demonstrators across roads and into police vans, calling for freedom and the removal of limitations such as group numbers, forced mask-wearing, and travel prohibitions. Germany has joined France in experiencing an increase in anti-lockdown rallies, with coronavirus protests taking place for the third weekend in a succession as French citizens push against vaccine passports.

Law forbade tens of thousands of protestors from gathering in Berlin this weekend, but many chose to flout the prohibition and go to the German city regardless.

Over 2,000 police officers were reportedly deployed throughout the city, with video showing authorities attempting to arrest some demonstrators.

Around 13 demonstrations were scheduled to take place in Berlin, but the German courts ruled that they were illegal.

They were apprehensive that the meeting would devolve into a superspreader event, and that the Querdenker movement would be involved.

RIGHT NOW – Despite the authorities’ ban, tens of thousands of people demonstrate in #Berlin over Covid restrictions. With fists, batons, and pepper spray, the cops attempt to retake control.

Many of those attending, according to event sites uploaded online, would not wear masks or keep social distance, forcing the German government to intervene.

Anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists make up the Querdenker movement, which has been fighting lockdown measures since they were implemented last year.

Thousands of demonstrators were arrested after attending rallies held by the movement in April, making headlines.

A number of important members of the Querdenker movement were also placed on a watch list, according to the German government.

According to social media reports, some 22,000 people were anticipated to attend the Berlin rally on Sunday.

Several people were arrested during the protest, but the exact number is unknown.

With many non-essential shops and services now open, Germany has relaxed a substantial section of its coronavirus prohibitions.

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