THOUSANDS of ‘disgusting’ footage of infant monkeys being tortured and slaughtered may be seen on YouTube.


THOUSANDS of ‘disgusting’ footage of infant monkeys being tortured and slaughtered may be seen on YouTube.

YOUTUBE has been chastised after it was revealed that the platform hosts hundreds of gruesome recordings of infant monkeys being tortured and slaughtered.

Animal rights activists have urged the world’s largest video sharing network to intervene and remove the films on numerous occasions. However, this website can confirm that a simple search of “torture baby monkey” yielded hundreds of results this evening.

Although several films informed viewers that the video “may be inappropriate for some users,” they were nonetheless allowed to watch it.

A video titled “Tortured Primates” was among the several videos available on the site this evening, and it depicted a monkey being electrocuted to death.

Another disturbing video, “Terrified infant monkeys, snatched from their mothers’ arms,” depicted a terrified baby ape being beaten.

Meanwhile, a third video, titled “Monkeys Abused and Teased,” had been online for two months and received 40,000 views.

Many social media users were outraged to see that the recordings were still available.

La Kernow, a Twitter user, posted a snapshot of several of the videos and encouraged users to file complaints with the site.

[email protected], where people display graphic violent films and get paid for it, and people keep awful playlists like ‘dead baby monkeys,’ there are HUNDREDS of disgusting videos showing BABY monkey torture,” they added.

“Today I spent an hour reporting as many as I could under the heading of ‘violent or disgusting.’

“Please search ‘baby monkey torture’ on @youtube and report as many videos, channels, and playlists as possible (you don’t have to watch them).

“It’s incredible that these sickos can freely watch and fuel this stuff, as well as that @YouTube allows these terrible videos to exist.

“A lot of the videos appear to be OK at first glance, but they frequently include ‘torture’ in the title so sickos know there’s distress or abuse in the videos; some even appear to be charity or monkey loving channels, but this is just a deception to avoid being caught.”

“There are a lot of frightening thumbnails and planned set-ups.”

They also provided a link to a petition asking YouTube to “ban monkey torture films” using artificial intelligence.

The campaign was started by a group named “Stop Monkey Abuse.”

“Every day, hundreds of monkeys are tortured and tormented to generate videos and submit them to YouTube,” it wrote with the petition.

“Most of these channels are monetized (getting Ad income),” according to Brinkwire Summary News, which means they profit from their abuse.


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