‘Thought I was bloated!’ said the woman who discovered out she was pregnant four hours before giving birth.


‘Thought I was bloated!’ said the woman who discovered out she was pregnant four hours before giving birth.

A WOMAN discovered out she was expecting her 8-pound baby daughter just four hours before giving birth.

Lorna Goodings, 25, assumed she was “simply bloated” when physicians attributed her big belly to birth control side effects. Even when she was 38 weeks pregnant, she had a negative pregnancy test on the day she gave birth.

Lorna only discovered she was pregnant and in labor after she was forced to leave a party due to excruciating pain.

Her friends rushed her to the hospital, where she gave birth to her baby girl, Daphne Burdiak, on August 1 at Northampton General Hospital, weighing 8lbs 2oz.

“I had been feeling bad for months and was continuously bloated, but I was confident I wasn’t pregnant,” Lorna, from Buckinghamshire, said.

“I even went to my doctor, who said I wasn’t sick. I hadn’t had a period since getting the implant, but I hadn’t had one in a long time. I gained a lot of weight as well, but I knew that was a side effect of the birth control, so I didn’t notice.”

The doctor even suggested that she try fasting and exercise to drop weight, but she refused.

After birthing Daphne’s big sister, Vivienne, in June 2020, Lorna and her partner, Nick Burdiak, 42, now have two tiny daughters together, both under the age of 13 months.

“As soon as I took Daphne in my arms, I felt a rush of love, but I was still in a big state of shock,” Lorna recounted. It was obviously a challenge for me to comprehend.”

Nick couldn’t make it to the birth since he was out with his mates. “Nick was an hour away and drunk with his friends when it all happened, so I didn’t inform him until after I had given birth,” Lorna added. He was astonished and disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to attend.”

Daphne wasn’t introduced to Nick until she was two days old. “It was a great shock and something none of us ever imagined could happen, especially given how careful we were,” he said.

“Fortunately, she is healthy and attractive, but things could have turned out much differently. We appreciate it tremendously.”


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