Those who have lost children in the battle have spoken out against the country’s abandonment.


Those who have lost children in the battle have spoken out against the country’s abandonment.

As the Taliban fills the void left by Western soldiers, heartbroken forces’ families protest the country’s abandonment.

One question echoes in Sarah Adams’ ears as she sees the mounting tragedy of a resurgent Taliban consolidating its grip in Afghanistan: “Just what did my son die for?” It’s been terrible to watch televised video of terrorists surging back into towns and villages in Helmand province.

On September 27, 2009, when he was barely 21, her beloved son James Prosser was killed by a roadside bomb. Sarah knows he believed he was on the right side of history as he patrolled in a Warrior armoured vehicle with his mates from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh, seeking to bring change and keep terror at away.

“It’s been 4,331 days since James shut his eyes for the final time at Camp Bastion, and I’ve missed him every day since. That isn’t going to change,” Sarah, 55, asserts.

“I’m proud to say I got to be his mother since he was such a joyful, handsome, honorable young man.”

Sarah, who received an MBE in June for raising funds for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, believes her loss is all the more painful because the two-decade war has failed to lift Afghanistan out of poverty, political instability, or fear.

A resurgent Taliban has launched a new attack after the United States withdrew its last troops from Afghanistan.

In Lashkar Gah, the capital of the southern Helmand province, fierce fighting between terrorists and Afghan government forces has resumed, with the UN reporting on Tuesday that at least 40 civilians had been killed in the previous day.

Taliban fighters are attempting to retake Kandahar, their former bastion, while skirmishes have erupted in the western city of Herat.

Sarah, who lives in Cwmbran, Wales, adds, “I’m terribly sad.” “I just have the impression that we went there without a clear understanding of what we were meant to achieve or what the Afghan people required. We have now left the country in a worse state than when we arrived. I’m left wondering, ‘Why have I lost my James?’

“The Americans devised their justifications for attacking the country, and Britain followed suit, but where was Britain?” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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