This winter, there is a push to reduce green levies on energy bills.


This winter, there is a push to reduce green levies on energy bills.

SUPPLIERS are requesting the government to halt the imposition of green tariffs on energy this winter in order to aid homeowners.

The taxes, which are largely added to power bills, raise them by £150 each year on average.

They were brought in to assist in the funding of the transition to lower-carbon heating.

However, the increase in wholesale gas prices could increase bills by much to £800 per year.

Green tariffs would be suspended in the short term, according to energy company Eon and renewable energy companies Octopus, Bulb, and Ovo.

It comes as government press ahead with proposals to shift some of the burden, including lowering electricity prices over the next decade while raising gas taxes by around £170 per year.

They aim to get rid of gas boilers and replace them with heat pumps. Lower-income families would be the hardest hurt, as they use more petrol.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? You can find out by entering your postcode or going to the website. InYourArea Bulb’s Emma Young called for a change “from electricity bills to general taxation.”

“The most critical thing we can do over the winter is remove these expenses from electricity rates and pay them through government expenditure,” Eon UK CEO Michael Lewis said.

A price restriction, according to the Department of Energy, is “the best safety net for customers.”


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