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This Morning’s Phillip Schofield yells at his bosses after blunder where he and Holly were called ‘Eamonn and Ruth’

PHILLIP Schofield kicked up a fuss on This Morning today after he and Holly were introduced as “Eamonn & Ruth”.

The 58-year-old star got out of his seat ready to storm off after a title card on the programme showed the names of their summer stand-ins.

Spotting it, he yelled: “Eamonn and Ruth? Eamonn and Ruth? Right, well come on then.”

Holly, 39, joined in, waving at viewers, saying: “Bye!”

Phillip then got out of his chair and made to leave the set before turning around and resuming the show.

They later joked about them being secretly replaced by the husband-and-wife team, with Holly laughing: “Maybe it’s my last show, I just found out.”

Phillip added: “This is an opportunity for us to say thank you and goodbye.”

One fan chuckled: “Ok, who pressed the wrong button? This Morning with Eamonn & Ruth.”

Holly and Phillip were shown sitting side by side on the show today thanks to camera trickery.

In reality, they were the usual two metres apart at opposite ends of the sofa.

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