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This is what 62 looks like

Dee Simeons lives in Exeter with her husband, Paul. She is semi-retired and manages a rental property.

I’ve never had Botox or a facial. I think it’s important to look after your skin, but you needn’t spend a fortune. I tried Aldi’s £2.99 Lacura Q10 Multi-Intensive Serum and it suited me very well. It’s hydrating and not too greasy. I also use the Lacura Overnight Repair Concentrate (£4.99). I don’t think I’d look a lot different if I spent hundreds.

I WAS made redundant in 2013 and became a carer for my mother-in-law, who passed away a few years later. After this, I felt anxious and lost confidence. I was also going through the menopause. The one thing that helped me was speaking to my friends. I make a big effort to invest in my friendships. We had regular calls during lockdown, and now meet up for weekly lunches.

I used to do step classes at the gym, but since they closed during lockdown, I’ve been running up and down the stairs ten times a day. It boosts my circulation and tones the thighs.

Last year, my sister took me to her hairdresser for my birthday. I’m brunette, but they suggested I go lighter, as it was draining my skin (£70, Since March, I’ve been growing out my grey roots and it’s so empowering. I wash it with PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Strengthening Purple Conditioner, which has a violet pigment to stop it yellowing, plus I use the brand’s Toning Treatment Mask (both £2.49, once a week.

My eyelashes have never been thick, and they’ve got worse with age. But L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara is amazing (£11.99, It’s double-ended, with a conditioning white base coat which contains fibres that extend the lashes. And I never go without my Wilko Collection Precision Kohl Pencil (£1.98, I also love to use its Essence Highlight Drops (£3.80), on my cheekbones for a healthy glow.

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