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This is what 57 looks like!

Gabrielle Elstow, from Marlow, Bucks, is a stylist and image consultant for The House of Colour.


I met my boyfriend on a holiday in Turkey a few years ago. It’s a long-distance romance, but we hope he can move here. He is quite a bit younger than me, but we don’t notice the age difference: he gives a lot to the relationship. It’s important to take risks and say yes to new experiences, especially as you’re getting older, to avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Every week I do a tango or jive dance class. I’ve been going for 12 years and love it. Dancing is a great way to meet people. Plus, it’s a good form of mental stimulation, with the added benefit of a cardio workout. You can find your local class at

Last summer, I decided to get an Invisalign brace for my teeth. It cost £3,000, but it’s worth it ( I have to wear it for a year, but it’s clear and removable. As I’d got older, I’d noticed my teeth had drifted a little. It is worth investing in your smile. It has given me such a confidence boost. My teeth also look whiter and my skin fresher if I wear the right shade of lipstick: cool pinks, red, raspberry and burgundy to set off my olive skin tone.

As an image consultant, I love helping other women understand their natural colouring, body shape and personality. Once you’ve learned your rules, it makes shopping so easy. For example, my colours are clear and bright, due to my cool skin tone. My look needs to be sharp and tailored, so I avoid soft fabrics.

Due to spending time in Turkey, I had more freckles and age spots, despite wearing SPF 50. I tried an IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment. It uses heat to break down pigmentation in the skin, a result of sun damage (from £200, at My skin is fresher, clearer and looks younger. 

Do you look good for your age? Reveal your secrets to: [email protected]

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