‘This is the ultimate wet squib!’ Sadiq Khan is destroyed by Neesom as he cancels a huge London event.


‘This is the ultimate wet squib!’ Sadiq Khan is destroyed by Neesom as he cancels a huge London event.

For canceling London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display for the second year in a row owing to Covid, SADIQ KHAN has been dubbed the “ultimate damp squib.”

Dawn Neesom, a furious Daily Star columnist, erupted on LBC on Wednesday after learning that the Mayor had cancelled the famed display, which attracts up to 100,000 people. She went on to ask why the London Marathon, sports venues, and major West End theatre performances can all proceed with enormous crowds but not the fireworks display, and why couldn’t Londoners “cancel him instead” in a scathing rebuke to the “woke” Mayor.

“I am upset, I am fed up with this!” said Ms Neesom. Isn’t Sadiq Khan the ultimate damp squib?“ Why don’t we just cancel him and skip the fireworks? “This is a man who is draining all the fun and color out of one of the world’s most colorful cities.” Ms Neesom went on to remark that the fireworks and massive crowds would be the “perfect advertisement” for London and the United Kingdom being open for business.

She went on to say that the show will attract tourists to return to London, which would help the economy recover, but City Hall’s latest move puts those dreams to rest.

The Daily Star author slammed how the United Kingdom and London are “already open for business,” and that Sadiq Khan has declared as much.

“I can watch the London Marathon with tens of thousands of people, or I can watch West Ham for my sins with 60,000…”

I can’t think of a single reason why these fireworks should be called off!”

She also expressed concerns that this year’s event might be akin to last year’s, which she described as a “ridiculous virtue signaling fireworks and laser show” focused on “‘thank you NHS,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it was so woke, it was really unpleasant!”

Following the cancellation, City Hall issued a statement refusing to say what will be on show this year or whether it will be similar to the 2020 production, which featured drones forming symbols such as the Black Lives Matter clenched fist and the NHS emblem.

“Last year’s successful show took place in a somewhat different method due to the epidemic,” a spokeswoman explained. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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