This is the future! With ultra-efficient net-zero development, the United Kingdom is leading the way.


This is the future! With ultra-efficient net-zero development, the United Kingdom is leading the way.

BREXIT Britain is leading the way with an environmentally friendly development that will be so energy efficient that its flats will only need a hairdryer to heat.

Tani Dulay, the Chief Executive of Woodbourne Group, is a 29-year-old Birmingham-based entrepreneur who is leading the £360 million Curzon Wharf project.

Three towers, including two skyscrapers, will be built on a brownfield site in central Birmingham as part of the master plan.

The project will be the UK’s first net-zero carbon ready development, in addition to helping to regenerate the area and create well over 1,000 jobs.

The developers, Woodbourne Group, intend to carry out this carbon-cutting ethos throughout the construction process, with everything from the building’s orientation to insulation being used to reduce emissions.

The apartments, according to Mr Dulay, will be built according to Passivhaus (passive house) principles, which require them to be extremely energy efficient.

“We talk about change and point to others,” he said.

We must be the catalyst for change.

What we do or don’t do today has long-term consequences.

“Climate change, to which no one is immune, continues to top the list of the world’s most serious threats.

We must act now for the sake of the future.”

“Curzon Wharf will set the standard for sustainable development, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.”

Mr Dulay said his project will require very little heating and will always remain at “comfortable” temperatures, speaking after the UK hosted the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, which committed to reducing emissions.

The structures will be devoid of traditional radiators, relying instead on a mechanical ventilation system.

Despite this, Mr Dulay revealed that people could heat their apartments with a regular hair dryer if they wanted to.

A hairdryer is all it takes to keep a flat’s bedroom warm for hours, and its cutting-edge heating system means residents will save hundreds of pounds on their utility bills.

“This is the future,” added Mr. Dulay.

“Although residents could heat the rooms with a hair dryer, they won’t have to because we’re working on a cutting-edge insulation and heating system.”

“Residents will save hundreds of pounds on their bills, and there will be less waste of energy.”

Mr. Dulay believes the project will help to establish Birmingham as the UK’s leading smart and sustainable city, paving the way for the “Green Revolution in the United Kingdom.”

Environmentalists and senior civic leaders have praised the project.

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