‘This is the biggest problem the government has ever faced!’ says Nigel Farage. ’.


‘This is the biggest problem the government has ever faced!’ says Nigel Farage. ’.

On his GB News program, NIGEL FARAGE gave a stark warning regarding the government’s “greatest catastrophe.”

Nigel Farage has warned GB News viewers about the government’s “greatest crisis.” The approaching NHS crisis and waiting list backlog, according to Mr Farage, would “get worse, not better.” This warning comes after a recent study predicted that by next autumn, up to 14 million people in England might be on NHS waiting lists.

According to a survey by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), there is a massive hidden backlog of patients who have yet to seek care.

Mr. Farage described the problem as “staring the government in the face.”

“According to a report released tonight, there are already 5.3 million people on NHS waiting lists,” he stated.

“By next autumn, almost 14 million people might be on the NHS England waiting list,” he said, adding, “That is an eye-watering number.” This issue appears to be escalating.

“The Government claims to have put a billion pounds into resolving this problem, but I don’t think a billion will go very far. “This is, without a doubt, the Government’s biggest crisis.” Paul Embery described the latest figures as “chilling” and suggested the country is now experiencing “the other side of lockdown.”

According to the IFS research, fixing the situation will cost “at least £2 billion.” According to Naomi Grimley, the BBC’s global health correspondent, “even in the most hopeful estimate, the waiting list may rise to nine million by 2025.”

“Expanding capacity will be the only way to lower waiting lists in the future,” according to the IFS. A representative for the Department of Health and Social Care said the government was backing the health service with £9.6 billion to help it recover from the Covid scandal.

“This includes a £1 billion committed investment this year to address the backlog and shorten waiting lists, including by boosting capacity,” they stated.

“The NHS is also testing creative techniques to speed elective recovery and enabling more hospitals to go further, faster,” Javid said last month.


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