This is the best place in the UK to spread a loved one’s ashes.


This is the best place in the UK to spread a loved one’s ashes.

Was a member of your family who died a nature lover? Here are some of the most gorgeous places in the country… It’s ideal for their ashes.

It’s not simple to decide where to sprinkle the ashes of a loved one who has passed away. Which is preferable: a gorgeous location or a location that is easily accessible to everyone? Whatever option you choose, keep in mind factors such as the geography of the region and the weather on the day of the event.

There are many beautiful locations in the UK to choose from for such a special occasion.

According to a SunLife study, the golden sands and breathtaking views at Sandbanks Beach in Dorset are the finest, driest, and quietest place to say goodbye to a loved one.

Seven Sisters in East Sussex, with their chalked cliffs along the English Channel, is ranked second.

“Finding the proper spot to say farewell to your loved ones can be incredibly difficult,” said Ian Atkinson, head of marketing at SunLife.

“In a recent study, we discovered that less than 1% of people are aware of their loved ones’ funeral choices, which for many include where they want their ashes scattered.”

Following Seven Sisters is Stanwick, a charming village in Northamptonshire noted for scenic areas like Stanwick Lakes.

Wimbleball in Somerset and Carsington Water, two gorgeous reservoirs that are sure to create a dramatic backdrop, are two more of the finest sites.

Mr. Atkinson explained, “We wanted to help folks who are mourning locate the appropriate places among the UK’s wonderful natural beauties and picturesque vistas, whether it be on the coast, in the mountains, or in the countryside.”


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