This is quite concerning! North Korea is quietly building a nuclear reactor.


This is quite concerning! North Korea is quietly building a nuclear reactor.

This is quite alarming! North Korea is discreetly constructing a nuclear power plant.

NORTH KOREA appears to be quietly working toward its goal of nuclear power.

Evidence of activity at the hermit nation’s main nuclear facility was discovered by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The five-megawatt reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear complex produces material for North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

Since the beginning of last month, there have been signals compatible with nuclear reactor operation, such as cooling water being released from the five-megawatt reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear complex in North Korea, according to the IAEA.

The IAEA, which promotes the safe, secure, and peaceful use of nuclear technology, called the signs of activity “extremely concerning.”

It went on to say, “It is a blatant contravention of the UN Security Council resolution on sanctions against North Korea.”

The research is based on the results of satellite image analysis.

Former US President Donald Trump had previously indicated that the Yongbyon nuclear site was a major stumbling point in his denuclearization negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

North and South Korea re-established a communication connection in July after Pyongyang cut it off last year, according to reports of activity at the site.

According to Seoul’s presidential office, Mr. Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in exchanged letters and promised to mend ties after a significant deterioration.

Mr Moon’s press secretary Park Soo-hyun stated at the time, “The two leaders have explored steps to rebuild connections by exchanging letters on many times, and decided to restore severed hotlines as a first step in that process.”

“They’ve also promised to restore trust as quickly as possible and seek to mend relations.”

Following to a statement by North Korea’s KCNA news agency, “according to the agreement reached between the top leaders, the north and the south took a measure to re-operate all inter-Korean communication liaison lines from 10:00 on July 27.”

“The world’s most powerful leaders have agreed to take important steps toward repairing mutual trust and promoting reconciliation.”

A US official praised the reintroduction of the contact hotline.

The official stated, “The United States promotes inter-Korean contact and engagement.”

“Diplomacy and dialogue are essential for total denuclearisation and long-term peace on the Korean Peninsula.”

Mr. Kim and Mr. Moon met three times in 2018 to improve North Korean-South Korean relations.

However, ties were dissolved after an unsuccessful attempt. “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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