This is pure imagination! Scotland would be obliged to embrace the euro under Sturgeon’s Indy fantasy.


This is pure imagination! Scotland would be obliged to embrace the euro under Sturgeon’s Indy fantasy.

An economist has warned that NICOLA Sturgeon’s ambition of independence will result in Scotland becoming an EU “colony” compelled to abandon the pound in favor of the euro.

Professor David Blake was commenting after a poll published in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph found that 39% of Scots would be less likely to vote Yes in a future referendum if Scotland was forced to join the EU’s single currency. Professor Blake said the poll confirmed observations he made earlier this year in a blog for the Briefings for Britain website called Scottish independence – playing by EU rules.

He also alleged Mrs Sturgeon was lying about the consequences of losing links with the UK.

“The SNP is obsessed with ‘independence,’” said Prof Blake of City University of London to this website.

“However, it is not true independence that it seeks, such as that which Slovakia and the Czech Republic gained when Czechoslovakia split up in 1993.

“No, the SNP wants ‘independence’ so that it may join a new empire, the European Union, as a colony.”

“Joining the EU would mean Scotland adopting the euro and abandoning the pound,” he warned.

“It would also imply a physical border with England, with passports and customs checks,” says the author.

“Nicola Sturgeon knows this perfectly well, but she is trying to fool the Scots into believing that her negotiating skills are so extraordinary that she will be able to persuade the EU to agree to a deal in which Scotland retains both the pound and a frictionless border with England,” Mr Blake added.

“However, this is all fiction. If you join the EU, you must use the euro and abide by all EU single market and customs union rules.”

Prof Blake pointed out that Ms Sturgeon was even attempting to argue that a hard border would be beneficial to Scotland.

“This is madness,” he remarked, noting that 60% of Scottish exports go to the rest of the UK and only 20% to the EU.

“For Scotland, leaving the UK and joining the EU would be a major act of economic self-harm.

“It’s time for the Scots to start doing some reality checks.

“This poll reveals strong opposition to the pound’s demise.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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