‘This is our Union’s power! ‘ A Polish MEP is pulled apart after claiming that the EU had the most Olympic medals.


‘This is our Union’s power! ‘ A Polish MEP is pulled apart after claiming that the EU had the most Olympic medals.

On Twitter, a Polish MEP was chastised for saying that the European Union is presently leading the medal table at the Tokyo Olympics.

The offer was made on Thursday by Radek Sikorski, a famous Europhile and former Polish foreign minister.

He posted a modified Olympic medal table on Twitter, showing the EU in first place with 224 medals.

This propelled China into second position with 73 medals, ahead of the United States and Japan.

The EU total was calculated by aggregating all of the medals won by the bloc’s members.

Mr Sikorski added, provocatively, “EU rules OK.” He also tweeted the graph with the phrase “And this is our power as a Union” from his Polish language account.

The senior Eurocrat’s English-language post, however, triggered a social media outcry.

“You do realize that you’re ridiculously comparing over 2,000 athletes to roughly 400,” one person said, while another added, “If EU played as one team, thousands of athletes would miss out on the opportunity to compete.”

“It also means you’d have fewer medals because there’d be less opportunities for an outsider to win one (fewer chances to win). “If you want an EU team, call a referendum on creating a United States of Europe,” a third wrote.

“Of course you won’t, because you know the answer will be no. “Your only hope is to force it on the people of Europe,” a fourth said. “Radek…how do you think your tweet makes the lovely people who competed for their countries, including the Polish, feel?”

“They care for their homelands, not a political construct. Mr Sikorski was given political asylum in the United Kingdom in 1982 after lobbying against Poland’s communist rule at the time.

He went on to become a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University.

The European Union is not represented at the Olympics, as each of its member states sends their own teams.

Germany is the top placed EU member in seventh place as of Saturday afternoon, with ten gold medals.

This places them behind the United Kingdom, which has 20 gold medals, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), which has 19, and Australia, which has 17.

Russia was barred from fielding a team due to claims of state-sponsored doping, but is represented indirectly by the ROC squad.

One Twitter user responded to Mr. Sikorski. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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