‘This is far from the case.’ Sturgeon’s plan for Scottish independence is dismissed by the EU ambassador.


‘This is far from the case.’ Sturgeon’s plan for Scottish independence is dismissed by the EU ambassador.

NICOLA STURGEON’S goal of an independent Scotland has been shattered after the EU’s top diplomat in the UK slammed the door in her face.

EU Ambassador to the United Kingdom Joo Vale de Almeida also downplayed Scotland’s chances of joining the EU if it became independent. When asked about the possibility of an independent Scotland rejoining the EU, he stated, “You know how we deal with countries that wish to enter the European Union, and I’m sure the same rules would apply if that hypothetical scenario is confirmed, which is far from the case.” The rare message from the senior EU diplomat comes as Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, declared that Scotland “wants to return” to the EU after independence.

After 62 percent of Scots opted to stay in the EU in the 2016 referendum, she urged Brussels to “keep a light on” for Scotland.

However, Unionist MPs have expressed fears that Scotland would not be well-positioned to join the group, with the Institute for Government (IfG) telling SNP ministers that an independent Scotland would face a decade-long wait to join the EU.

A big issue would be the possibility of a physical border being created between Scotland and England, which would possibly cause considerable disruption to the flow of goods and people.

“We’re coming out of an extraordinary period of a pandemic, the first of its kind to hit the UK in a century, and our minds should be focused on recovery, getting people back to work, and dealing with the many impacts we know the pandemic will have,” said Kevin Foster, Minister for Immigration and Borders.

“We should be getting on with our day jobs, not sitting around debating the philosophical future,” says the author.

“This is a significant intervention that quietly pours cold water on the SNP’s intentions for an independent Scotland to re-join the European Union,” Donald Cameron MSP, Scottish Conservative Constitution spokesperson, said.

“The SNP simply does not have answers to the major questions about EU membership criteria.

“We saw how they were all over the place on their plans for a hard border between an independent Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom during the election.

“The SNP should immediately abandon its pursuit obsession.” Brinkwire Summary News


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