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This $10 haircare range from Monday Haircare at Coles has sold more than two million units

A new budget haircare range has sold more than two million bottles of shampoo and conditioner since it launched into Coles supermarkets four months ago.

MONDAY Haircare, created by New Zealand entrepreneur Jaimee Lupton, was designed as a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner that wouldn’t set customers back staggering sums.

The result is several $10 bottles for different hair types, and a range that has skyrocketed into the top 10 hair sellers within Coles in just months.

According to founder Jaimee, the idea for MONDAY came about due to a lacking in the current haircare sphere: 

‘The need for premium-quality haircare at an accessible price point stemmed from my expensive beauty habit,’ Jaimee, 28, told FEMAIL. 

‘Beauty shouldn’t be expensive – it should work without breaking the bank.’ 

The 28-year-old said once she had identified the ‘white space’ within the product category, it was simple:

‘Haircare at mass was begging to be disrupted with something new and exciting, but affordable, and that’s how MONDAY was born,’ she said.

‘We are aiming to change the haircare game and disrupt a very entrenched market, where consumers have been told for years that only high-price equals high quality.

‘This is just not the case.’ 

MONDAY offers a range of products, all of which cost $10, and each shampoo and conditioner is designed for different hair types.

‘Smooth’ is for frizzy and dry hair, ‘Repair’ is for damaged and stressed hair, and ‘Sensitive’ is for an irritated and dry scalp and ‘Volume’ is for ‘thin and lifeless hair’. 

Each product has been specially formulated to target that particular hair type, and all of the shampoos and conditioners boast natural ingredients such as coconut fruit extract, jojoba oil, shea butter and artichoke extract.

On top of this, the items don’t have ‘nasty’ ingredients like parabens and Sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), which you’ll often find in cheap, shop-bought shampoos and conditioners. 

Reviews online for the range are glowing, where women have alternately described it as ‘incredible’ and a ‘holy grail beauty buy’.

‘I picked up some of this at my local Coles and oh my word! As an ex-hairdresser, I can honestly say I never thought I’d find something so good out of the salon.’

Another said: ‘I love it. My hair feels super smooth and it smells amazing’.

Speaking about her tips for success in business, Jaimee said the most important thing is that you get a team around you to support you.

‘Business is tough, the climb is never ending – so having people on your team who believe in the vision and long term goals entirely is important,’ Jaimee said.

She also said you absolutely must identify the ‘white space’ area which sets your products apart from other brands.

‘Finding the white space in any category is important, there is no point entering a saturated market where there are lots of other players doing the exact same thing,’ Jaimee said.

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