Third of UK pooches are overweight, according to the top ten cities with fattest dogs.


Third of UK pooches are overweight, according to the top ten cities with fattest dogs.

According to a new survey, almost a third of dogs in the UK (32%) are now considered overweight, with Oxford having the largest canines.

The findings of a study conducted by Naturo Natural Pet Food revealed startling data about why owners believe their dogs have gained weight. Pet owners stated their dog simply enjoys treats (43%), while a third said their pet is spoiled, with them spending an average of £63 per month on food.

Several dogs have gained weight in the last year as a result of lockdown, with 8% of owners saying they gave additional goodies during this time.

The primary motivations for owners to pamper their pets are to make them happy (56 percent) and to have them adore them (20 percent ).

Naturo’s study also revealed the top ten UK cities with the most overweight dogs, with nearly half of dog owners in Oxford (47%) admitting their pet is overweight.

Southampton has the fewest overweight dogs, with only one in every five (20%) owners reporting that their pets are overweight.

The following are the top ten cities with overweight dogs:

Oxford has a 47 percent success rate.

Bristol has a 38 percent approval rating.

Plymouth has 38% of the vote.

Cardiff has 36% of the vote.

Manchester gets 35% of the vote.

Liverpool has a 33% chance of winning.

Leeds has a 33% unemployment rate.

Belfast has a 33% unemployment rate.

Cambridge has a percentage of 32%.

London has a 32 percent share.

Dogs in the United Kingdom are well-cared for, with a quarter (26%) feeding their pets human food and others purchasing organic meat (14 per cent).

However, pet parents, particularly new ones, should keep an eye on their treatment, since more than two-fifths (41%) say they only discovered their dog was overweight because of their veterinarian’s advise.

Despite a statewide weight gain, the majority of dog owners (89 percent) believe they know how much to feed their pets.

“At Naturo, we recognize that the link between a dog and its owner is a particular one, and people want to make their pets as happy as possible,” said Lauren Toal, brand manager for Naturo.

“As a result, we’re not surprised that many people want to spoil their dogs with the best foods, especially in the last year and a half. However, it’s critical to remember their weight when doing so.

To keep dogs away from poisonous plants,

“It’s also important.”Brinkwire Summary News.”With nearly half of dog owners (49%) choosing for a smaller food intake for their pets, it’s also important.”


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