‘Thinks she’s untouchable,’ say Britons as Sturgeon dismisses claims of quitting.


‘Thinks she’s untouchable,’ say Britons as Sturgeon dismisses claims of quitting.

NICOLA STURGEON has been slammed by Scots who want her to resign as First Minister after she dismissed speculation about her future.

“She thinks she’s untouchable,” according to the public, and “has a startling level of arrogance.”

“I can’t wait until she leaves,” said another.

Following rumors that she was planning a political exit, the SNP leader said she has “no intention of going anywhere” in an interview with BBC political editor Laura Keunssberg on Wednesday.

“It’s almost as if my opponents have concluded they can’t beat me or remove me from office themselves, so they’re kind of crossing their fingers and hoping that I’ll remove myself from office,” Ms Sturgeon said when asked about speculation about her political future.

“However, they’ll be disappointed because I’ll be around for a long time.”

“I was elected first minister of Scotland seven months ago, after asking the people of Scotland to put their faith in me for a five-year term.

“They put their faith in me and re-elected me.”

“As a country, we are facing difficult times, and I intend to carry out my responsibilities.”

She went on to say that she has “no plans to go anywhere as first minister right now.”

Ms Sturgeon, on the other hand, hoped to be “relatively young” when she reached the point of considering other options.

Since 2014, the SNP’s leader has served as First Minister.

In May, she was re-elected to Holyrood after the SNP won a fourth consecutive term in the Scottish Parliament.

Despite her comments, Philip Sim, the BBC Scotland political correspondent, said speculation had grown “after she talked about life after politics in an interview days before delegating her Covid briefing and First Ministers Questions to John Swinney.”

“There will always be an element of opposition mischief-making,” he added.

On Twitter, @Cuts79 said Ms Sturgeon “thinks she’s untouchable,” while @Swallydooncally called her “so arrogant now” in response to her comments.

“Can’t wait for her to go,” they wrote.

“She thinks she’s invincible,” @Haitch7 said of the First Minister.

Ms. Sturgeon was described as “a disgrace” by @kelly_foxes, who added that she “couldn’t run a bath.”

The “power [has]clearly gone to her head,” according to @FreddieScovell.

“Her ego will be her downfall,” @ObjectiveSee predicted.

So, yes, she is going to leave.”

This was predicted by @RJW_esq.

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