‘They’ve had their fill!’ says Raab, adding that France will not be compensated for dealing with migrants.


‘They’ve had their fill!’ says Raab, adding that France will not be compensated for its handling of migrants.

According to Dominic Raab, the French have received “ample” help from Britain in dealing with the migrant crisis and will not receive any more.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab told Sky News’ Kay Burley that Britain has “lived up to its responsibilities” in assisting the French with the English Channel migrant crisis, despite the French claim that the UK never paid the £54 million promised to deal with the record number of crossings.

Mr Raab slammed Ms Burley’s question about why the UK never paid the sum, insisting that the UK owes nothing.

“I believe the French have had ample investment! We have lived up to our responsibilities!” he raged.

“This is a team effort.”

Mr Raab went on to say that migrants should be assessed “in the fast country they arrive in,” implying that the continent was to blame for the crisis.

The Justice Secretary stated that the French have a problem with migrants crossing into France via Belarus from both the south and east of Europe.

Despite the tensions between the UK and France over migrant responsibility, Mr Raab noted that the two countries agree that migrants should be assessed in the first country they enter.

However, in a veiled dig at French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr Raab went on to say that the UK should be “aware” that the upcoming French election may influence France’s response to the migrant crisis.

When questioned about the remarks, he stated that this is the “reality” of the crisis and that Macron is using the crisis for political gain.

The UK offered the French £54 million earlier this year to help stem the flow of small boats by increasing patrols, but the French claim the UK has yet to pay.

Over 24,000 migrants have already attempted the perilous journey this year, more than three times the number who attempted it last year.

In November alone, around 4,000 people crossed.

Priti Patel, speaking to reporters in Washington, DC, acknowledged that the UK is facing a “mass migration crisis,” but she also blamed the European Union’s internal open borders for allowing millions of illegal migrants to freely move around the bloc.

“I would maintain that the numbers are so significant that have,” she said.

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