‘They wreak havoc on whatever they come into contact with.’ As the disastrous jab rollout savaged the EU, it was labeled a complete “disaster.”


‘They wreak havoc on whatever they come into contact with.’ As the disastrous jab rollout savaged the EU, it was labeled a complete “disaster.”

THE European Union has been chastised for failing to cope with the coronavirus pandemic and for continuing to fail throughout the health crisis.

Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group think organization, believes the European Union is unproductive and inefficient. During an interview with This website, Dr. Niall McCrae, co-author of Moralitis: A Cultural Virus, stated that Brussels had made numerous mistakes. He said that the bloc’s inefficiency was the reason they were unable to successfully give the coronavirus vaccine to all of their members.

He went on to say that same inefficiency is visible in other areas of government, such as food and fisheries policy.

“It appears you don’t just have to worry about the Indian variation of the vaccine; the EU is also concerned about the Indian variant of the vaccine,” Mr Oulds added.

“I’m assuming the vaccination is safer than catching Covid, and there’s evidence that it makes it less transmissible, and people who become infected with this variety are less badly affected by it.

“It may not be preventing the spread of disease, but there are certainly fewer hospitalizations and deaths.”

Mr. Oulds went on to criticize the European Union for failing to properly address the outbreak.

“The European Union has been ineffective,” he remarked.

“They haven’t been able to get their vaccines out adequately since anything the EU touches is harmed and done inefficiently.

“Their agricultural policy has been a disaster, as has their shared fisheries strategy, their monetary policy has been a disaster, and their plans to deal with the EU’s financial difficulties have been a disaster.

“Everything they touch fails to function properly.”

Mr. Oulds wrapped up by making a joke about Europeans’ passion of football and reflecting on the Euro 2020 final.

“The only thing the Europeans can do is play football,” he remarked.

“However, we shall get them back later, possibly in 20202,” says the narrator.

“I suppose we’ll see about that one if there’s a change in manager in England,” says the author.

Mr. Oulds insisted that the UK’s departure from the European Union was a good thing.

He stated that if the United Kingdom had remained a member, the vaccination deployment would not have been as quick.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” the British government revealed last week that all adults in the country had been offered.


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