‘They want you to divorce your wife!’ The host goes on a rage about the strange culture of internet cancellations.


‘They want you to divorce your wife!’ The host goes on a rage about the strange culture of internet cancellations.

According to a radio broadcaster, proponents of cancel culture want to take away people’s possessions if they don’t agree with an internet opinion.

Patrick Christys, host of talkRADIO on Saturday, went on a rant about the rising problem of “cancel culture” online and in the UK. Those that promote cancel culture, he added, will not accept an apology for social media statements they disagree with; instead, they want to ruin the person’s life and remove all they have worked for as a kind of retribution.

Mr. Christys noted how proponents of the cancel culture claim that a social media post or comment they don’t agree with “simply by existing” means “we have to cancel it, we can’t possibly have it.”

“Hold on a minute!” he said.

“We can’t live in this society, can we? We can’t live in a world where if we don’t like something, it’s gone!

“It also goes that extra mile.”

“I have had that previously where I have tweeted something, not intentionally offensive, but it gets taken one way,” the host continued.

Mr Christys went on to warn that the cancel culture mob isn’t satisfied with a simple apology; instead, they have much more sinister plans for their victims.

He went on to explain, “They don’t simply want you to go and apologize…

“They want to call your boss and demand that he fire you.

“Then they want your wife to divorce you, and your landlord to evict you.

“And then they want you to live beneath a bridge in Stoke!” says the narrator.

“Just for one tweet you put out there, that’s what they want!” It certainly appear that we are currently living in a very odd world.”

Twitter reacted angrily to the outburst and proposed remedies to the problem of online mobs ‘cancelling’ people.

“Need new laws on gang-stalking as in effect that is what some of the hypocritical mobs are doing,” one individual proposed. There are also new laws in place to safeguard targets. Turning the tables on the gang stalkers could be a good start.”

“Need to demolish the woke industry that has been built, reform certain laws so corporations aren’t allowed to kowtow to crowds, and change education,” one person remarked. “Brinkwire Summary News” suggests that placing some of the covert awakened mobs under examination is a good place to start.


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