They require our assistance! ‘Irrelevant’ Brussels recognizes that in Afghanistan, it had no choice but to rely on the United Kingdom.


They require our assistance! ‘Irrelevant’ Brussels recognizes that in Afghanistan, it had no choice but to rely on the United Kingdom.

Brussels had to rely on the United Kingdom to help its people and Afghan allies from Afghanistan, according to EU CHIEF Joseph Borrell.

According to Italian MEP Marco Zanni, the EU’s High Representative told MEPs in a meeting on Monday that Brussels had to rely on the UK and the US to help refugees from Afghanistan. “Today’s discussion, with High Representative Borrell recalling that Brussels had to rely on the US and UK for evacuation protocols, unfortunately underlined the EU’s inconsistencies on international scenarios,” Mr Zanni said in a statement seen by This website after the meeting.

“Once again, the European institutions stand out for their insignificance.

“The EU should learn from the mistakes made in the Syrian migrant crisis in Europe in 2015 and not repeat them today.

“Solidarity is important for people who genuinely need it in an emergency scenario like this one: it is appropriate that everyone do their bit in welcome, first and foremost the nations neighboring Afghanistan, such as Pakistan and China.

“The security of borders must be a top priority, with special attention paid to the threat of terrorism, which is now more than ever in the headlines, without backing those who suggest dialogue with cutthroats and fundamentalists in Italy and Europe.”

On Tuesday, European Union countries announced that they will increase aid to Afghanistan and its neighbors, but they were unable to reach an agreement on an uniform strategy for accepting asylum seekers fleeing Taliban rule.

Western countries fighting the Taliban have flown 100,000 supporters and are preparing to accept them, as well as others who missed the latest evacuation aircraft.

According to Chancellor Angela Merkel, this category could number up to 40,000 persons who have the right to live in Germany.

The question that divides EU members is whether the bloc should grant protection to those groups deemed likely to suffer under the Taliban’s rigorous application of sharia, or Islamic law.

For many, the issue brings back memories of 2015, when over a million refugees from Syria and other countries entered the EU, only to be met with outrage from some member states, who refused to accept some asylum-seekers as a show of solidarity.

Ylva Johansson, the European Union’s Home Affairs Commissioner, said the EU should take in Afghan women, children, judges, journalists, and human rights campaigners who are at risk from the Taliban. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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