‘They don’t have an ego!’ Kate Middleton and Prince William have been complimented for ‘outshining Hollywood celebrities.’


‘They don’t have an ego!’ Kate Middleton and Prince William have been complimented for ‘outshining Hollywood celebrities.’

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge charmed the public this week, GB NEWS hosts Esther McVey and Tonia Buxton praised Kate Middleton for “outshining even the most gorgeous Hollywood actress.”

Following the red carpet premiere of the latest James Bond film this week, GB News host Tonia Buxton said that everyone could see that Kate and Prince William “had no egos” about them. As the Duchess astonished attendees at the Royal Albert Hall event, Ms Buxton hoped that “people in our nation will stop comparing Kate to Meghan.” Ms. McVey agreed, saying the Duchess of Cambridge “given the Royal Family a fresh lease of life.”

Ms. Buxton said to the audience: “When I see them together, I notice that they are both quite self-assured and content. You can see how much they care for one another.

“There are no egos, which I appreciate. Kate outshone even the most gorgeous of Hollywood stars in that gown, and you could tell he was incredibly proud of her.

“And I believe that now is the time for people in our country to stop comparing her to Meghan.

“I used to be one of those people who wondered if she improved because of Meghan, but she improved because it was the appropriate time.”

Ms. McVey went on to say: “I was ecstatic to see her show up here.

“It was like being in a butterfly’s cocoon. She had a commanding presence and a commanding size.

“I believe Kate has given the Royal Family a new lease on life, and she has stepped up her game once more.”

This comes after Angela Levin, a former biographer of Prince Harry, commended Kate Middleton’s recent growth earlier in the conversation.

People have “always underestimated her,” Ms Levin told GB News.

The Duchess looked to brush off “patronizing” parallels to her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, according to the royal expert.

On Tuesday evening this week, Kate and William joined Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on the red carpet for the first spectacular royal engagement since the outbreak began.

They met various members of the cast and crew of the 25th Bond film, including Daniel Craig, at the Royal Albert Hall.

The actress was among many who were taken aback by Kate’s ensemble, telling her upon greeting her, “You look joyful.” “..


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