‘They cheated,’ says the narrator. In an electoral conspiracy rant, Trump unleashes a scathing attack on Biden.


‘They cheated,’ says the narrator. In an electoral conspiracy rant, Trump unleashes a scathing attack on Biden.

IN AN ELECTION CONSPIRACY rant on a right-wing radio show, EX-PRESIDENT Donald Trump launched yet another scorching attack on his successor Joe Biden.

As he dialed in to chat with controversial right-wing radio personality Todd Starnes, Donald Trump, 75, continued to sell the unsubstantiated notion that last year’s US Presidential Election was rigged. Mr. Starnes, 53, was dismissed from Fox News earlier this year after saying he agreed with a guest on his show who said Democrats worship Moloch, a pagan god connected with child sacrifice.

The 45th President, who was defeated in 2020 by the Democrats by 306 electoral college votes to 232, informed Mr. Starnes that the Democrats had “cheated” to win the White House contest.

During his conversation with the controversial radio presenter, the former president stated that vote irregularities had occurred in two Sunshine Belt states.

Mr Trump added, “The first thing you have to do is look at the results that will be coming out of Georgia soon – a very corrupt election, horribly corrupt.”

In November 2020, the Peach State shifted to Democratic contender Joe Biden by just 11,799 votes.

Georgians had voted for the Grand Old Party in eight of the last ten elections, making the triumph even more surprising for Republicans.

Trump then claimed that Arizona, a state that Biden won by only 10,457 votes, had similarly had election-day problems.

“The senators in Arizona deserve a great award because they led the way,” he told Mr. Starnes.

“They discovered a significant amount of fraud.”

With the exception of Bill Clinton’s victory in Arizona in the 1996 US Presidential Election, the Republican candidate has won all 11 of the state’s electoral college votes.

He also alleged that voter fraud had occurred in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, two of the so-called Blue Wall states he won on his way to the White House in 2016.

“These are states where we were winning by a huge margin and then all of a sudden, we were wiped out,” he explained.

Following his accusation that “they cheated,” Trump used an unusual analogy, suggesting that his successor should restore the White House to him.

“I usually say, ‘If Tiffany gets robbed of its diamonds, you have to give the diamonds back when they catch the robber,’” he remarked.

Despite Trump’s complaints, there has been no proof that the 2020 election will be held. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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