The’stage is set’ for Britain to thrive outside of the EU’s grasp.


The’stage is set’ for Britain to thrive outside of the EU’s grasp.

BRITAIN is on the verge of a “post-Covid recovery,” according to Brexiteer Sir John Redwood, assuming the government restores liberties that were curbed during the pandemic.

The Conservative MP for Wokingham will present his views at a Freedom and Conservatism fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Monday, which will be held within the Bruges Group think tank’s Liberty Zone. The discussion will focus on how Boris Johnson can boost the UK economy after Brexit and maximize the benefits of being free of EU regulations.

The stage has been laid for a post-Covid comeback.

Sir John Redwood (Sir John Redwood) is a

“The stage is set for a post-Covid recovery,” Sir John told This website ahead of his speech.

“The best method to enhance the greater happiness of the larger number is to adopt a Conservative attitude to liberty and wealth.”

“Anti-pandemic policies harmed salaries and jobs, as well as robbing people of their freedoms.

“The first step is to reclaim all of our lost liberties so that the quarter of our economy that was effectively shut down can thrive once more.”

He stated that the successful vaccination campaign should allow Britons to relax, leaving it up to each individual to decide how much exposure they want to others given the risks.

“The second challenge,” Sir John continued, “is to re-make the argument for employment as the best way to eradicate poverty and improve families’ livelihoods and prospects.”

“Conservatives have done more to increase prosperity than socialist-leaning parties because we recognize that it is essentially the result of the efforts of millions of individuals and hundreds of thousands of businesses.”

Markets provide choice and opportunity, while profits rewarded those who “laid their money where their mouth is” and helped pay for the new investment that both employees and customers require, he underscored.

“Prices fluctuate to bring forward more supply where it is needed or to restrict output when the product or service’s popularity is declining,” he stated.

“Governments must allow price systems to communicate with one another.

“Markets aren’t faceless, impersonal foes of the masses.”

“They are the means by which we all have a say in what we buy and where we work. The market involves all of humanity.” Sir John thought that the state should intervene to assist people in need, to protect the sick and disabled, and to avoid monopoly exploitation and market abuse. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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