‘These women could mark the end of the European Union.’ As a new Eurosceptic alliance grows, Nexit aspirations rise.


‘These women could mark the end of the European Union.’ As a new Eurosceptic alliance grows, Nexit aspirations rise.

NEXIT advocates are ecstatic that two major EU parties have joined forces to bring the bloc to an end.

Eurosceptic campaigners expecting that the Netherlands would soon follow Britain out of the EU have praised the performance of two anti-EU parties in Sweden and Finland.

Nexit Denktank activists stated the two legislators, Jessica Stegrund of the Swedish Democrats and Laura Huhtassari of the Finnish Party, might soon cause major problems for the EU.

“Eurosceptics are currently towards the top in Sweden and Finland,” they stated. Sweden’s Democrats attempt to reform first, then exit the EU.

“The Finnish People’s Party wants to abandon the European Union and the euro.

“These two ladies () have the ability to bring the EU to an end.

“Sweden does not have a euro, and according to a recent study, 76 percent of Swedes oppose the euro’s entry.

“Finland is a member of the Eurozone, but the Finnish Party sees reasons to exit.

“This Eurosceptic party was even first in the polls for six months.

“In the Finnish survey, the Finnish Party has slid two percentage points behind the leading party.

“The Sweden Democrats are now three percentage points behind the leading party in Sweden.

“They’ve traveled a long way. Another Eurosceptic party in Sweden is gaining ground in the polls.

“You don’t hear much about Sweden and Finland when it comes to Euroscepticism, but these polls suggest that there is a sizable and rising Eurosceptic movement in both countries.

“Laura Huhtasaari believes the Netherlands will be the next country to quit the European Union.


Nexit proponents have long complained that the EU’s wealthier countries are “funding” Southern Europe, allowing socialist labor reforms to be implemented at the expense of northern EU taxpayers.

“Spain has a four-day working week, Italy has a basic income, and France has a retirement age of 62,” they blasted last month.

“Now Bulgaria, the EU’s poorest country, is increasing pensions in its own country.

“The retirement age in the Netherlands continues to rise: we finance Southern Europe.”

“Note: Spain is currently experimenting with a four-day work week. This isn’t true for everyone in Spain yet.

“The Spanish government intends to implement a four-day working week.

“If the Netherlands’ retirement age continues to climb at this rate, retiring will be a thing of the past.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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