Theresa May is back in the news! According to a member of Parliament, a former prime minister should lead NATO.


Theresa May is back in the news! According to a member of Parliament, a former prime minister should lead NATO.

Ben Wallace, the UK military minister, believes Theresa May would become a “excellent” NATO Secretary General.

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, the current Secretary General, will step down in 2022.

Within the alliance, discussions are already begun to choose his successor, with a number of British possibilities being considered.

Along with Mrs May, Lord Hague, the former Tory foreign secretary, and Lord Sedwill, the former cabinet secretary, have been the subject of speculation.

“Theresa May was a terrific prime minister in a very tough time,” Mr Wallace remarked in an interview with the Italian magazine Formiche.

“As her security minister, I worked for her. She’d be one of the most qualified candidates.”

Mr Wallace, on the other hand, stressed that the government had not yet determined who to support for the position.

“There are a lot of nations,” he continued, “and what is necessary for Nato is brought together unanimously.”

Since its inception in April 1949, NATO has served as the primary western defensive alliance.

Its members are pledged to collective defense, which means that if a NATO member is attacked from the outside, they will all respond.

Following the demise of the Soviet Union, the alliance expanded throughout eastern Europe, with 30 members.

A former NATO official described how the general secretary is chosen to the Daily Telegraph.

“There is no papal conclave-style process,” they claimed.

“There are conversations going on in the background. It’s all done through chat, whispers, and other means.

“You need someone who is acceptable in 30 countries.

“It all depends on what the Americans think is appropriate. They’ll want someone who can be counted on.”

Mrs May was Prime Minister from 2016 to 2019, after serving as Home Secretary for a long time.

She enraged Eurosceptics, though, by suggesting a type of Brexit that would have left Britain economically wedded to the EU.

With the help of EU supporters demanding a second referendum, this was repeatedly defeated in Parliament.

Since NATO’s founding, three of the alliance’s 13 general secretaries have been British.

General Hastings Ismay, NATO’s first general secretary, served for five years in that position.

NATO is currently preparing to pull its military out of Afghanistan.

This came after US Vice President Joe Biden announced that US soldiers will begin withdrawing on May 1.

There are, however, fears that the Taliban and other Islamist fanatics may grab power.

The New York Times reported earlier this week that the United States had. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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