Theresa May doubles her personal poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May has doubled her personal poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn as he faces a barrage of criticism over failing to tackle the anti-Semitism scandal. 

And the Tories have overtaken Labour in the polls and now lead by four points despite being hit by its own party in-fighting over the Boris Johnson burqa row.

A YouGov poll out today shows that 36 per cent of those surveyed said they think Mrs May makes the best PM – up from 32 points  a week ago.

While Mr Corbyn’s rating have slid from 25 to 22 points over the same period, the survey for The Times newspaper found.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are beating Labour in the poll by 39 points to 35 – even though the two parties were neck and neck on 38 points last week. 

The results suggest that Mr Corbyn’s popularity is taking a battering amid widespread criticism that he is woefully failing to tackle the anti-Semitism scandal. 

The Labour leader has been accused of purposely ignoring the racism which festers among some of his supporters.

While Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge – who lost family members in the holocaust – says Mr Corbyn and his allies are using the row to try to purge the party of his moderate critics

It emerged yesterday that Mr Corbyn has been given a month to back down over the anti-Semitism row or face losing the backing of his powerful allies in Momentum – the grassroots organisation which helped install and keep Mr Corbyn in power.  

The Labour leader has rebuffed demands by Jewish leaders and many of his own MPs to fully adopt the international definition of anti-Semitism – a move they insist is crucial if the party is to finally get on top of the scandal.

The party has adopted some of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition.

But crucially it has not included several of the examples they use to illustrate it – including that Israel’s existence as a state is a racist endeavor. 

Mr Corbyn has now been told by Momentum he must formally sign up to the definition at a crunch party meeting in early September, the Politico website reports.

While the GMB trade union – one of the UK’s biggest trade unions and a major force in Labour – has also come put to publicly demand the same. 

If he refuses they could pull support for him – triggering what could be the biggest crisis in his leadership since the failed coup against him in the summer of 2016. 

The results will be welcomed by Mrs May and her team after a tough week for the party amid the burqa row.

Mr Johnson sparked a political storm which has raged for five days after he coared women wearing the face veils to letterboxes and bank rovvers.

The Tory party has launched an official investigation into the former Foreign Secretary after receiving of flurry of complaints.

But the move has sparked fury from the Tory grassroots and several MPs who have said it is ridiculous and that free speech should not be curbed.        


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