‘There’s more bacoff than bacon!’ Ryanair has been chastised for selling the “world’s saddest” sandwich.


‘There’s more bacoff than bacon!’ Ryanair has been chastised for selling the “world’s saddest” sandwich.

After giving a passenger the “world’s saddest” bacon sandwich, RYANAIR has been humiliated.

The woman was flying on the airline when she purchased a bacon sandwich for roughly £4,70 (€5.50). However, she did not receive precisely what she had hoped for, and a photo of the sandwich quickly went viral.

According to Dublin Live, author Liz Nugent shared a photo of her friend’s sandwich on social media.

“My mate Aimee paid €5.50 for this bacon sandwich @Ryanair today,” she tweeted.

“I’m trying to figure out if it meets the criteria.”

On the dry bread, there is one little piece of bacon with no butter or sauce.

Because the tweet was retweeted more than 120 times in just two days, Ms Nugent quipped that the sandwich qualified as a “culinary experience.”

Later, the passenger admitted to eating the sandwich and congratulated the flight crew.

“I had a beautiful flight and the crew were class,” she tweeted.

“I simply thought the sandwich was amusing and pricey. Nonetheless, I ate it!

“To be honest, I don’t think people will buy a flight based on the quality of a sandwich!”

Many people commented on the sandwich on social media.

“Surely this is grounds to sue for pain and distress!” one person joked.

It was dubbed the “world’s saddest looking sandwich” by another Twitter user.

“Must be the low calorie option,” a third social media user said.

“It’s like a thinking experiment to see how far the concept of a ‘bacon sandwich’ can be whittled down before it comes apart,” someone else added.

“Ryanair’s new status as avant-garde thinkers is appealing to me.”

“Almost as troubling for me — aside obvs from the lack of butter, spread, or decent filling – is the vision I now have of someone pulling a single rasher apart to make it stretch,” another said.

“It’s more bacoff than bacon,” someone else joked.

“I love how @Ryanair added the bacon on the ends to make it look more full,” one person said.

“It’s @Ryanair,” someone else wrote. On a bacon sandwich, the bacon is an additional charge.”

Others claimed it was “simply a bread roll,” rather than a bacon sandwich.

“Frankly, I’d want to pay to eat it!” someone else tweeted.


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