‘There will be no abandoning!’ ‘Obsessed’ with the EU With a new fishing threat, France ratchets up the pressure on the UK to leave the EU.


‘There will be no abandoning!’ ‘Obsessed’ with the EU With a new fishing threat, France ratchets up the pressure on the UK to leave the EU.

FRANCE continues to threaten the UK over fishing rights in British waters, pleading with the EU to intervene.

France and the United Kingdom are still at odds over post-Brexit fishing rights, with Paris increasingly calling on Brussels to exert “pressure” on the United Kingdom and support France.

Clement Beaune, France’s Europe minister, said on Friday on BFM TV that Emmanuel Macron’s government will never abandon French fishermen and will maintain its “obsession” with the UK’s new fishing restrictions.

“Our fisherman have not been abandoned,” he remarked.

“With two obsessions: discussion and pressure from France and the European Union, we will continue to fight with them and for them.”

President Macron echoed his remarks, saying that a spat over fishing licenses is “playing with our nerves.”

A post-Brexit conflict has erupted over the granting of fishing licenses for the seas off British coastlines and around Jersey, with Paris threatening to bar British vessels from landing their catches in French ports unless the matter is settled.

Mr Macron also stated on Friday that he will continue to fight for his fishermen.

“We will continue to fight,” Mr Macron said to reporters. “We will not abandon our fishermen.”

While the European Commission conducted talks between the two sides, French threats were dropped, but Mr Macron appeared to suggest the talks were taking too long.

He stated, ” “The Commission must safeguard our interests. It needs to finish this, but it’s moving too slowly and weakly.” “If the Commission does not do its share, France will,” he continued. Since Britain’s exit from the European Union, Paris claims London should have issued more French boats with fishing licenses in British territorial seas. Britain claims to be abiding with the terms of the agreement.

The issue revolves around the issuance of fishing licenses in territorial waters six to twelve nautical miles off the coasts of the United Kingdom, as well as the seas off the Channel Island of Jersey.

Annick Girardin, France’s Maritime Minister, stated earlier on Friday that France would “fight every day to get what should be ours and to ensure that those 150 licenses materialize.”

Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, met with Clement Beaune and the European Commission to try to resolve the dispute over small vessels.

However, the “Brinkwire Summary News” has yet to be resolved.


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