‘There was going to be a tragedy!’ Boris is chastised by the mayor of Calais over the Channel crossing situation.


‘There was going to be a tragedy!’ Boris is chastised by the mayor of Calais over the Channel crossing situation.

Following the deaths of at least 27 migrants attempting to cross the Channel, the Mayor of Calais has condemned BORIS JOHNSON.

Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart, 58, has put pressure on Boris Johnson, 57, in response to the deaths of at least 27 migrants in the English Channel. The original death toll was reported to be 31, although that number has now been reduced.

According to the International Organization for Migration, the incident resulted in the single largest loss of life between the two sides of the Channel.

Ms Bouchart, who served in the French Senate before becoming Mayor of Calais, said: “Boris Johnson’s failure, which forces our country to bear this crisis because he lacks the confidence to face his own obligations… in his country.”

Ms Bouchart’s remarks came as French President Emmanuel Macron, 43, is quoted by Reuters as saying that Britain should cease politicizing the Channel crossing situation for domestic advantage.

According to the Telegraph, Ms Bouchart also criticized past French governments’ “migratory policy.”

“We could tell that abnormal pressure was developing and that a tragedy was likely to happen,” Bouchart recalled.

Mr Johnson called an emergency COBRA meeting after the event.

Mr Johnson said he was “shocked, outraged, and very saddened” following the incident, adding that people traffickers were “actually getting away with murder.”

President Macron has also been in touch with Prime Minister May.

A spokesperson for Number 10 said: “They agreed that it was critical to increase up cooperative efforts to prevent these deadly crossings and to do all necessary to stop the gangs that are endangering people’s lives.

“They emphasized the significance of tight collaboration with neighbors in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as colleagues from across the continent, in order to effectively address the problem before individuals reach the French shore.

“Both leaders were clear that today’s sad loss of life was a strong reminder that all alternatives must be considered in order to stop these murderous crossings and disrupt the criminal gangs’ business model.”

However, with the French presidential election just five months away in 2022, various contenders have weighed in on the Channel crossing situation.

Eric Zemmour, a 63-year-old far-right politician, suggested last week that France should break up the Le Touquet Accords.

Concerning the steps that shifted the UK border. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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