‘There is proof.’ Tom DeLonge, a rocker, claims that aliens are observing humanity and that “governments know.”


‘There is proof.’ Tom DeLonge, a rocker, claims that aliens are observing humanity and that “governments know.”

TOM DELONGE, the musician and creator of the To The Stars Academy, believes that intelligent aliens are spying on our planet and that world leaders are aware of the situation.

The former Blink-182 leader is most known for shredding guitar on stage, but he also has a well-documented obsession with aliens and UFOs. Tom DeLonge co-founded the To The Stars Academy, a Las Vegas-based company that studies extraterrestrials through science, art, and media, in 2017. He has previously shown his interest in aliens, arguing that UFO research has the capacity to revolutionize the world.

However, he drew the wrath of hoax busters after sharing a video of a purported UFO sighting with his supporters, which experts felt was a scam.

Mr. DeLonge, who currently fronts the band Angels & Airwaves, which he founded in 2005, recently spoke on The Astro Ben Podcast, where he discussed his unique beliefs in greater detail.

When asked if an intelligent alien culture may be studying our world by host Ben Gamble, the rocker said emphatically yes.

“Absolutely, not even nearly, one trillion percent yes,” he added.

“It isn’t even disputed; the evidence is there, and the governments are well aware of the situation.”

In 2019, the rockstar made headlines as the To The Stars Academy revealed that it had obtained strange metals that were likely alien in origin.

These so-called metamaterials were allegedly retrieved from “an advanced aerospace vehicle of unknown provenance” and supplied to the corporation by investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe.

According to Steve Justice, Lockheed Martin’s COO and former head of Advanced Systems, the materials’ structures and composition indicate they could not have come from “any known existing military or commercial application.”

The evidence is there, and the governments are aware of the situation.

Angels & Airwaves, Tom DeLonge

Mr. DeLonge’s fascination in aliens was clear throughout his tenure as a member of the pop-punk band Blink-182, which he left in 2015 to pursue other creative projects, including the To The Stars Academy.

For example, the band’s third album, Enema of the State, contains the song Aliens Exist, which includes the lyrics “Hey mum, there’s something in the backroom / Hope it’s not the creature from above.”

“You used to give me stories / As if my dreams were boring / We all know conspiracies are.”


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