There is no decorum! After passing the UK, Leo Varadkar’s party gloats with a “tasteless” vaccine tweet.


There is no decorum! After passing the UK, Leo Varadkar’s party gloats with a “tasteless” vaccine tweet.

LEO Varadkar’s party has been chastised for boasting about Ireland’s high vaccination rate compared to that of the United Kingdom, with critics calling it “very improper” and “in very terrible taste.”

A tweet from Fine Gael claiming that “Ireland has overtaken the UK in fully vaccinating our adult population against Covid-19” sparked outrage, with some accusing the party of “gloating” over a sensitive matter. A table compared the UK’s rate of 72.1 percent to Ireland’s rate of 72.4 percent.

As a measure of respect for Covid victims, the Tanaiste, Ireland’s deputy prime minister, was promptly pushed to delete the post.

“This is completely inappropriate,” one man said. Have you lost all sense of decency?”

“This should be removed, extremely foolish tweet,” another wrote. We are capable of far more.”

“Didn’t realize it was a race,” a third tweeted.

One individual who objected to the tweet said it was in “extremely bad taste” and that Fine Gael was acting as if the Covid vaccination program was “some kind of game.”

A British social media user responded to Fine Gael by noting that while they were “very happy” with Ireland’s vaccination advancements, “competition isn’t between our two nations, it’s between vaccine and virus.”

By drawing similarities, the Briton warned the party not to “cheapen” countries’ attempts to immunize their populace.

Others sneered at the post, calling it “childish” and “embarrassing.”

Ireland’s Taoiseach, or prime minister, praised the country’s “excellent” vaccine rollout yesterday, after it surpassed the United Kingdom’s.

After the latest numbers showed that more than 5.8 million vaccines had been provided, Micheal Martin commended those involved in the campaign.

It was a notable turnaround for a country that had faced failures in the early phases of the inoculation process as a result of the EU’s supply problems.

In the spring, there was speculation that the UK would give surplus vaccinations to Ireland later in the year to help the country deal with its vaccine shortage.

However, the Republic’s implementation has accelerated dramatically since then.

“The vaccine rollout is continuing at a rapid pace,” Mr Martin remarked on Twitter.

“Today, we edged ahead of our closest competitors – a fantastic effort by all involved.”

His tweet, however, drew comparable replies to those aimed to Fine Gael.

Mr Martin, the Fianna Fail leader, was told that his tweet was “disgusting” and a “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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